"Plasmic Studio setup issues on localhost:3003 for MacOS (M1 chip)"

Plasmic Studio on localhost:3003 Excitement peaked!!! :party_blob:

After spending a whole day, I managed to set it up finally after multiple hit and trials. Studio is up and running after pm2 command. :heart:

Summary/Initial Findings during Setup on MacOs (M1 chip)
Overall it took me some time to understand the basic project setup. I faced a couple of issues with the yarn bootstrap command because some packages trigger rollup plugins error which required manual installation in their respective packages. ( I’m not sure if that was the correct way to do it as I’m new to lerna packages although it worked ). I think those should be added to the bootstrap.sh script.

I’m aiming to create a separate document to note them down or maybe I can create a video on how to set it up once I get some understanding of the backend services. In short following packages required manual installation

  1. host-test
  2. react-web-bundle
  3. loader-html-hydrate
  4. There were two more which I forgot and didn’t note down…
    I had to take following extra steps to make it work so far
  5. Followed Getting Started Guide
  6. yarn bootstrap
    a. Faced some initial issues which got resolved by installing those packages manually as mentioned above
  7. yarn dev
    a. Initially faced issues because backend wasn’t up and database wasn’t configured. Those steps are mentioned here Config Tooling
  8. Setup DB using the Config Tooling guide
  9. Install concurrently package globally as it’s being used in bash scripts
  10. Run servers using the pm2 method
  11. yarn install inside the platform/wab package.
  12. yarn dev again and studio is up on localhost:3003

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For the first point about manually installing the packages: in the root of the directory you can run yarn setup-all which should do all of this!

This is amazing! Thank you for trying it and for the feedback!

Amazing work! Thanks to all of you for making it so easy through all those scripts. :raised_hands:

Is there any recommend approach to go through the codebase such as important core packages, server side core functionality?

Is Plasmic team planning to share any basic architecture diagrams such as different high level components within the system etc?

@icaro @tiago @fmota I plan on going through the effort of self hosting this weekend; is there anything notable that is different from this post?

I don’t think so

@alyssa_feola, I will also try to host or install locally tomorrow. Did you get it to work? Any learnings you can share? :blush:

nope, I’m trying to get my husband to do it for me since he’s more of the infrastructure guy; but he is turned off because it is in such a monolithic structure and it would take a lot of work to containerize it; especially without an architecture to reference

Uhmm, thanks for sharing! I was concerned about it being monolithic

So, probably super hard to change the code?

this is what I was told by our friend who is a leading expert in containerization

it’s gonna be hard
It’s not going to be easy, though
open source != ready to deploy
looked through their repos, it’s going to be a challenge
you’re going to have to have a custom image to run plasmic

you should be able to do it with a dockerfile/containerfile/whatever and have it be reproducible
once that’s done you can check that into git and have the cluster keep it updated and manage the deployment
but again - not easy
it all can be made to work in a container
but I suspect that understanding how to do it in a container, vs their instructions for how to do it on a machine, is a little beyond what you know right now
it’s within his grasp, I’d say, even if he’ll have to teach himself some things on the road :stuck_out_tongue:
He’s definitely done a lot more foundational “build containerized things from scratch” stuff

wow, seems not an easy job!