Plasmic Switch component missing "isChecked" prop

Hello Plasmic Team! We decided to add a dark mode to our app using the built in switch that plasmic provides ~ We mistakenly double clicked (Edited the Switch) and changed the component’s props and removed the “isChecked” State Variable under the Component Data Tab. Afterwards, on refresh of the builder an error is shown about the switch needing prop “isChecked” and we can’t edit the project anymore to add it back in

Project Effected: 5okcCMkDh3NWe3Yo56csAr
Blank Test Project w/Bug: o71mRLocFguDs1pHnAwDkr


I believe I’ve fixed this for these projects; could you check?

Yep that fixed it, thank you!

note that I’ve restored the “Is checked” variant, but you’ll need to still style it the way you want it to look (currently it has no style overrides)