Plasmic sync failing due to unknown component

Hello, plasmic sync is failing for me due to a component reference, but I don’t recognize the id. Is there a way to lookup a component in Plasmic by the id?
Plasmic error: Encountered code component "CompVCsxzRtlt6" that was not registered with an importPath, so we don't know where to import this component from. Please see <>
Error: Command failed with exit code 1: npx plasmic sync --yes -p

Hey @appetizing_ox, can you share your project ID?

@tiago hDfMKmnqFF8zQmnzcNenpi

Hi @appetizing_ox! Sorry for the delay to respond. That is the TermsOfUse component. Can you confirm if it’s being registered with importPath so we can check if it’s a bug on our end?

(I’m sorry that the message is not showing the component name; I filed that to fix it on our end)

@tiago its set via configure host app settings. Is registering an import path something different?

Hi @appetizing_ox! You must have a codebase that is registering that Terms of Use component using PLASMIC.registerComponent, right? That’s the place where you need to specify the importPath.