Plasmic sync getting errors with custom CSS component

I just ran a yarn plasmic sync, where it offered an upgrade to plasmic-embed-css'@3.0.2

I just ran a plasmic sync earlier today, and none of these errors existed.

I’m receiving ReferenceErrors across many Plasmic components, but they all appear to be the same:

error - components/plasmic/lottie_shop_com/PlasmicAnimatorName.tsx (101:12) @ PlasmicAnimatorName__RenderFunc
ReferenceError: globalVariants is not defined
   99 |         {
  100 |           [projectcss.global_theme_dark]: hasVariant(
> 101 |             globalVariants,
      |            ^
  102 |             "theme",
  103 |             "dark"
  104 |           ),

Any thoughts?

It appears that all of the files that are causing errors are missing the same lines:

import { ThemeValue, useTheme } from "./PlasmicGlobalVariant__Theme"; // plasmic-import: 1zUN6eexPx/globalVariant
  const globalVariants = ensureGlobalVariants({
    theme: useTheme()

rolling out a fix…

(should be fixed now)