Plasmic synced changes in certain files don't commit to git

I am facing an issue in a project where Plasmic synced changes in certain files doesn’t commit to git. The changes have some pattern in it. All of the files have mostly similar changes as follow

  1. Uppercase to lowercase character in Component Name.
  2. A random suffix is added to useScreenVariant
  3. meta tag with name twitter:card added
  4. defaultcss renamed to projectcss
    PFA, below for reference.



what do you mean by “doesn’t commit to git”?

By that I mean, few of the changes remained unstage. git add * doesn’t stage them.

I looked into it in detail and found that Plasmic differ the following pages by using same name but different character casing.

  1. /test/component creates Testcomponent wrapping PlasmicTestcomponent
  2. /test-component creates TestComponent wrapping PlasmicTestComponent
    I have resolved the issue but I am so confused, I am not sure how to put it down here as what happened exactly.

I assume git confuses the two and instead of creating a new file with PlasmicTestComponent ( uppercase C ) it actually consider it a modification in PlasmicTestcomponent ( lowercase C ).

Sample Flow that’s similar to what we did in the project.

  1. Create a page test-component having path test-component in studio.
  2. Sync it
  3. /test-component creates TestComponent wrapping PlasmicTestComponent
  4. Rename existing page to /test/component having path renamed to /test/component in studio
  5. Sync it
  6. /test/component creates Testcomponent wrapping PlasmicTestcomponent
  7. Here I get confused as what happend afterwards.
    How I resolved it?
    I am using one version of the file at the moment i.e /test/component so I just deleted the test-component page from the repo.

Also, I did execute the following git command before the issue got resolved. I suspect it has some implications as well.

git config core.ignorecase false

wow! didn’t realize mac file system is case insensitive :open_mouth:

Yeah! So is there any implications of the above Plasmic casing consideration that should be taken care of by the users of Plasmic.

P.S I am on Windows WSL 2 at the moment.

hmm you should configure git to match the file system behavior for your platform… I guess one implication is that you could end up with two different components in Plasmic that map to the same file name :thinking_face:

Yes, that’s what happened when I am on Windows, and the issue got resolved by setting ignorecase configuration for git.

I am curious how it behaves on Mac. I assume simply setting ignorecase to false on git won’t work.