PlasmicFlix -- className for Collections not working

I am starting with the Supabase Demo example and then integrating some of the code from the PlasmicFlix site into it as a way to make the CollectionItems be more interactive.

I’m still on the integration step and just trying to recreate the components w/i the Supabase Demo repo. Most everything is working really well, but I have gotten to a point where I’m trying to change the design of the Collections component and I’m getting an error message

`Not able to style code component
Component Collection does not support styling
It looks like the code component Collection does not make use of the “className” prop, so you cannot set styles on the component``

The code is…

And my project ID is… vCQBT1zTZXh9RGZGdqNAKf
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Hi! Can you check that the Collection component that was adapted into your code base is also applying the classname prop to the div? That should be all that is needed. If that doesn’t work, can you try please send clear out the door hello world component that simply renders a div with the class name applied?