@plasmicpkgs/* - Can I edit these?

New here so this is second of many questions!

Trying to find the source files for the reveal animation that’s built into Plasmic. I’ve found it to be react-awesome-reveal, and its source is @plasmicpcks/react-awesome-reveal, which isn’t in my project files so seems to be hosted on Plasmic’s end.

I like the ease of use but I need to be able to edit the distance etc. Is there anything I can do at all?

I’ve installed @plasmicpkgs/react-awesome-reveal (which should take precedence, I think?) and also @plasmicpkgs/framer-motion to try that out too. AFAIK, it seemed like the @plasmicpkgs/framer-motion etc automatically dealt with component registration, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I might have misunderstood.

Basically, I need some level of control that I don’t currently have. Willing to manually register the above but I wondered if the plasmicpkgs variants of these are meant to automatically register?

Hi, you found the right packages!

Framer motion is not yet ready, so I wouldn’t look at that one. But you can use awesome reveal.

Plasmic packages primarily define registration calls. They aren’t automatically called as a side effect of importing the package, but they usually define a register function that you can call and pass in your plasmic loader into. You can feel free to fork these packages or copy them to your code base if you want to take control over things. Note that usually there is another underlying package, in this case react-awesome-reveal, that you also need installed.

Please let me know if that helps!

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