platform building request


Currently iam figuring out if plasmic is the correct no code platform for me and my requirements.

I want to build a matching platform.
The following Features are required:

  • Different stakeholder profiles/roles which are able to plan, offer, search, assign activities.

Mainly the dollowing activities are possible:

  • job offering, job/Interview planning, job assigning
  • product scouting, ordering
  • offering of Services, planning and assigning
  • automatic suggestion of various activities based on criterias.
  • Plan activities manually

Is that possible to build?

Thanks in advance

Hi, it should be mostly possible, as Plasmic has a linear based role system User authentication & permissions | Learn Plasmic it may require some tough if you wan’t to express some more complex hierarchy. Besides that as Plasmic allows you to connect to your data source of choice it should be an issue to develop the activities that you mentioned. I didn’t quite understood " * automatic suggestion of various activities based on criterias." but I suppose it would be something that you could extract from your data source.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Is there an opportunity to schedule a call via zoom etc?

Kind regards.

You can send messages in our Slack Community which allows more direct questions.

Hi, i am trying to dive into to plasmic cosmic so that i can get use to it but I am still struggling. Also tried to to ask some questions in slack… but not really statisfied.

Therefore I am reaching out once more via this forum hoping to get an answer.

How do I realize an e-mail notification messaging system. So to speak if a requirement is met the user should receive a e-mail message

Kind Regards