Position inline element in another element

Hi folks, really new to Plasmic here and I’m still learning.

I have a question though – Without using a code component in the studio, is it possible have an inline element statically/relatively positioned within another inline element? I am trying to create an image caption where there is a title and description. Something like this below.
<figcaption><em>$prop.title</em> $prop.description</figcaption>

Image title Image description
Right now no matter how I play around with the container and children elements, they be must either be a flexbox or absolutely positioned.

Hi @athletic_quelea, yes, you can create a text element, and inside of the text element, select any of the text and from the toolbar create a span. After exiting text editing mode, you can then select the span and change its styles however you’d like. Let me know if that helps.

Hey yes it worked! Thanks :slight_smile: