Possibility of importing preexisting code into Plasmic for visual editing

I’m curious, is it ever going to be possible to take a preexisting code base and import it into plasmic so that you can visually edit it?

It’s something that we don’t think about, syncing an arbitrary code base and allowing you to edit in studio is not a simple thing, there are many things for us to do before, for example improving the current users experience

ya, that makes sense, I think if increasing adoption gets to be a priority it might get thought about more since it’ll allow folks that have preexisting projects to easily transfer their process over. I also personally think that Plasmic will help revolutionize the way that folks open source their projects; for instance, instead of just posting the codebase on GitHub, they can just directly share the plasmic project

what is an estimated date when you guys would add this capability? 2025, 2026?