Prevent modal from closing on overlay click

Hello :wave: How to prevent the modal from closing when the overlay is clicked? Thanks!

Just to offer an alternate comment to what you’re looking for; expected UX when clicking the overlay would be that the modal closes. I’d be frustrated if clicking the overlay didn’t close the modal.

If you have a valid reason for doing otherwise then that’s fair enough!

Hello :wave: I’m trying to make an onboarding experience for new users. The UX is if new user, go through the onboarding steps. Else, don’t show onboarding and proceed with the main dashboard.

How can I do this properly in Plasmic?

I understand. That’s a valid reason to force it open. Is there a “moral open” prop at all?


You could very easily also just make your own modal

I’m not sure about making my own. I’m on the no code spectrum of Plasmic. :sweat_smile:

I mean totally no code!

My hope is I can just hide the modal if user is done with onboarding… But I don’t want new user to close the modal yet :sweat_smile:

Simply make a component with an overlay (black, 50% opacity or whatever) that fills the entire screen. Then make the actual div that contains the modal content and center it in the middle

Ohh… I’ll try my best to follow your instruction. Thanks!

Message if you get stuck :slight_smile: