Problem with antd notifications from code

I have a page in plasmic, which is a form control, and I am using antd in the project. From plasmic I can handle On submit, and cause a notification to be displayed, and this works correctly.

If instead I expose the handler for On submit with link to prop on component, and handle the submission in code, I can see this gets called correctly.

The problem I am having is when I want to show a notification from this handler. I call:

import {notification} from 'antd';{
      message: `title`,
      description: 'desc'

I expect a styled notification window to show up for a few seconds, then disappear, just like in plasmic, but instead an unformatted version of the message appears to be appended at the bottom of the page and never clears.

This is how it appears on the page:

I have tested the same notification code in a new next.js project and it works as expected there.

I have found the problem, the outer control was missing an import for antd styles.

import 'antd/dist/antd.css'