Problem with connected Airtable for other developers involved in the project

The problem is that the second user who is added to the project as a “developer” cannot get data from the airtable, he has an endless load and nothing changes

Project: Plasmic

Account owning the plasmic project:

Account of the second developer who has problems with airtable:

Hi! You need to add the developer to the workspace so they have access to the data source.

I created a workspace, added my project there, added a second developer there, but the problem was not solved

I also ran into a problem on the part of the project owner
Added new Data queries and now some of them give an error. Every time they don’t work different

But at the same time, if you go into those Data queries that do not work, everything loads fine there

The question is still open

Hi! Unfortunately the airtable data source was created in your Playground instead of in the team workspace, and no one can access data sources created there. You’ll have to create it in the team workspace, and switch the queries over to use that data source instead. Sorry :pensive:

It seems to understand!
Thanks for the answer