Project components removed unexpectedly

i really need help with my plasmic project: a few days ago we had an error with the local host page or something, when we reopened plasmic, half of our project was gone. the last published version is one year ago which is definetly not true. when i click on publish new version it says all of the components were removed (screenshot). no one did remove those components and we definetly published a lot of new versions during the last months. We really want to undo those “Changes” and get those components back.

also its really weird that it says 0.0.2 because we saved/published so many different versions over the last year

Hello @puzzled_pelican. Can you DM me your project ID?

do you have a live version of this site running somewhere?

@chungwu i think so yes

Can you point us to it


can u help me with that? @chungwu

hmm I do only see two published versions on this project from 2022-05-06… I see that the link you sent is using the preview build instead of a published version; do you have any live page that is using a published version instead?