Project failing to publish properly

We’re having trouble publishing our plasmic project. Only preview: true is showing anything, and that’s even loading an older version, no new changes are showing. When we do preview: false, it throws this error.

This is with the latest plasmic packages (updated a few mins before posting this) Before update, we started getting the following:

hi, what’s the project ID?

thanks, looking!

Sent you

@chungwu this looks like the disconnect that happens for us as well.

We’ve identified the issue causing the “Internal Server Error”, will be rolling out a fix

hi @chungwu @spiritual_mosquito Please let us know as soon as this fix is released. TBH, we are getting stopped weekly, and sometimes multiple times a week, from updating the site because of issues on the Plasmic side of things. Is there anything we can do to alleviate this? Would Codegen be a better solution for us?

The fix is being rolled out now. We are definitely not doing as well as we aim to in catching these bugs, and we’re adding the necessary tests to catch these cases.

@chungwu Thank you for the update and the fix. We love being on Plasmic, but we are getting concerned about the reliability.

We are concerned too! This level of reliability is not okay to us; we are working to improve the situation

Thanks, @chungwu We appreciate you and your team’s effort on these issues