Project integrations not loading for multiple users.

I hit kind of a big issue. I’ve been working in isolation and built a website for my company in record time. I brought in 2 other developers though and all of the Data fetch integrations in the project wouldn’t load for them. It just said loading. We had to manually go through the project and have each developer recreate every integration.

This isn’t the expected behavior, right? The Generic HTTP integrations should be part of the Plasmic project and sharable and reusable by every developer in the project, right?

hmm that’s definitely not right… let me take a look

oh! one thing is that you should try to add them to your workspace or your team that contain the data sources. Otherwise they do not have access to the data source, just the project

Why aren’t data sources shared across the project? They’re a pretty fundamental part of the project. I set that up now but that may have been the issue. That’s quite the gotcha.

Yeah, we should at a minimum have better error messages than failing silently like this! We consider data sources to be more sensitive than projects, and don’t want to automatically allow access to a data source just because you open the project (for example, you could open and clone a project, but you shouldn’t be able to read the data from that data source unless explicitly granted).