Project not loading - Internal Server Error

Hi there, we have an urgent problem as we are not able to load our project at all:

It gives an Internal Server Error (see screenshot). This is the case for every team member. We are able to load other projects without any issues.

Can someone check what’s going on with this particular project? Thanks for your help

cc @boundless_dog @ray

Hello, we are investigating the issue

Thank you

The issue should be fixed now.

Wow thanks! Did we mess up something accidentally? Curious what it was

Yes, it works, thank you! Especially for the very fast support :tada:

It was an issue on our side! Related to the upgrade of dependencies (plasmic-tabs to be more specific)

Ah thanks appreciate the quick help!

@icaro Seems like we are having the same problem on our side at the moment for one of our Projects

Hi. Am getting the same error when trying to load my projects (have tried multiple projects, multiple browsers inc. chrome, restarting chrome etc.)

Anyone else experiencing this? It is affecting one project I haven’t touched in months so this leads me to think it’s not something I’ve changed locally

Attached error screenshots

fyi @icaro

I am also getting this:
Error: get /pkgs/965558a4-b7d7-411d-add5-d4156cf66050 failed: Internal Server Error

Hi all, I’m having the same issue as the above. Any ETA on a fix?