Project stuck on loading screen, "Bundle invariant failed" issue.

Hello, my project won’t open today in Studio. It’s stuck on the loading screen. The console shows an uncaught exception “Bundle invariant failed” in “assertFastBundleInvariants”. This is a pure Studio project (no codegen). Is there anything I should do to fix it?

Hi Cedric, what’s your projectId ?

Hi Felipe, it’s 5bF21XYcZxAxyBd5Ciseaj

Hey Felipe, any news on this issue? Any chance I could revert this project to a working version at least?

Hi Cedric, sorry for the late answer, still investigating it, I am hoping to give a better response in a few hours

This should be working again; really sorry about that

Thank you Felipe, Chung, it’s working :slight_smile: