Prop type set to "Fetched Data" unable to configure

Is it normal when I create a new prop for a page and I set the prop type to “Fetched Data”, to not be able to configure it? Clicking on Pick data query dropdown gives me two options (Add new query | Use dynamic value) but clicking on any of them does nothing. Note that I already have a data query created for the page and it does not show up in the Pick data query list for selection. (screenshot attached)


oops! we shouldn’t let you specify a default value for “Fetched data” prop

The default value isn’t where you’d want to specify the data to use; once you’ve created the prop, you can select an instance of that component with the prop on the page, and set it to use the query you want

You mean like this?


I tried that and the query that exists does not show up for selection

Suppose you’re adding this prop to component X that you’re using on page Y. You should add an instance of component X to page Y, select it, and specify the query from page Y that you want to pass into component X as a prop

So what I am trying to do is somehow build a data model based on a query. So if my query gives me an array:

[“Find goat”, “Milk goat”, “Drink milk”, “Make cheese”]

I would like my data model to be:

{name: “Find goat”, completed: false},
{name: “Milk goat”, completed: false},
{name: “Drink milk”, completed: false}


So that I can change the value of completed as needed during interactions

You can create a new variable in your page which is fetching the data. Set the variable’s initial value to…

$ => ({name: task, completed: false}))

I see. I actually tried that and it kept complaining about the $ sign and invalid json. I figured it out that I need to enter it as a dynamic value for Initial Value and not directly into the Initial Value.

What if that window allowed for switching to data picker or adding a query, similar to when you click to select a collection for a Repeat Item? Here’s a rough mockup:

Anyway, thanks a lot! :beers:

Yeah agreed it’s confusing right now with specifying dynamic vs static json values!