Publishing changes not pushing to CDN

@chungwu I am having trouble with publishing…
• When there are changes in the project, they are not pushed to the CDN… See the second image
• If I click start over, no changes are detected, but still I don’t get any webhook calls…
◦ It says 200, but I am not getting any calls, and clicking the dropdown arrow, it says “Bad Request”




hmm, the “Bad Request” is a bug (we’re always storing “Bad Request” when webhook response body is empty)

Project: k5wi36LTCNmnJb5rh2sgis

from our end, it does look like we made those requests… I just manually triggered a call to, do you see that one?

Also note, it is now saying “no changes to publish”, even though it seems like publish to CDN failed…



publish to CDN should be fine

ok, I saw that hook

thanks. I’ll keep digging on my end…

@chungwu the publish command is still timing out for me… And I think the other thing I see is that it looks like even though versions are saved, they are not marked as published. When I through the API fetch data with preview: false, I keep getting old data…

i.e. using initPlasmicLoader

could you please try again?

UI says ok now


Will check the rest in a couple mins

Ok, looks like things are coming through now. Thank you @chungwu