Publishing site silently fails

I’ve been publishing the same project with no problem, but it seems I may have introduced something that causes the publish process to silently fail. I’ve tried duplicating it to another user and publishing on another subdomain just in case, but this does not resolve the error. As far as I can tell, there is no debugging information exposed to me to be able to determine what page or component might be causing the problem.

Publishing shows everything succeeding:

However, by navigating to the hosted Plasmic URL, it’s clear that the site is not actually published. Note that this project was developed only using the Plasmic UI, and not code components.

Is there any way to determine why publishing the site doesn’t work?

Project ID: i3vGLRUKmfiRH2ddnt5KcD

Thanks for reporting this, this looks like a bug - we’re looking into it.

Is there any way to at least determine which component(s) are causing the error and/or what the problem is? That way, even if I cannot publish the site as-is, I might be able to remove those components to unblock publishing?


@makus_nikomi It turns out this is due to the antd5 package being too large for Vercel - if there’s any way you can avoid using it temporarily, that will unblock you.

But we’re actively fixing the issue (the bundle should not be this large).