Pushing to GitHub branch not working

Hey folks… trying to publish from cloned project to another branch in our git repo and getting this error about package.json….

but package.json is in the root of all branches in this repo.

hmm could you try switching to another branch and switching back? Is the error always there? (it does look like it successfully populated the detected settings in the form below – Next.js, JavaScript, etc

Ok… I do see an error I didn’t notice yesterday… it’s complaining about a component…. this only happens in branches that are not main/staging/develop… it does seem to happen with any other branch I try…. he’s a screen recording:

Error: get /github/detect/placeit-envato/commercial/feature/caseyplasmic failed: Not Found ….OH! is it because our branch names use forward slash?

I think that’s it. it seems to only give errors with branch names that contain /

we can work around this.

nice find Casey!

ahh I bet that is messing up our route parsing :laughing: thanks for the tip!