Querying Airtable multiple selection data type in Plasmic

Hello, I’m trying Plasmic for the first time. I have created an Airtable datasheet with data type for my columns “multiple selection”.
I would like create a form on Plasmic with select fields, and I’d like the options to match the possible values for this columns in Airtable.
Is that possible with the Airtable integration ? The documentation only shows how to retrieve or modify data but not how to query the data model behind. Thanks!

Not sure about the feasibility if this specifically, however, I know you can do that if your multiselect refers to another table in your base and you can pull the options from that table @honorable_owl

Thank you, I’ll try this idea! @upright_squid

Hi that’s a great question, unfortunately I don’t think we support querying the metadata associated with airtable fields yet, such as getting the list of all options for a multi-select air table column

Great question @honorable_owl I got on here to ask a very similar question! Looks like two different answers here though (@upright_squid and @uniform_carp).
In my scenario I’ve integrated a Postgres DB. I’d like to display a table in Plasmic. But for one of the columns I’d like to display a field from a related table.
I think this is pretty much the same question Camille is asking?

@appealing_sheep What you are asking is already possible! You can have a second query that is querying the related table, and configure the table column with a dynamic value code expression to display the corresponding row from that other query.

Ah! thanks @yang I saw that option and wondered if that was the way to do it. I’ll play with that and see if I can get it to work!