Question about registering components and localhost URL.

Seeing the previous message (, a question came to mind: can I assume the localhost url isn’t required for component availability for editors? If required, would we need to host the components somewhere they can always be available for content editors/creators? And then just pass a live url of the code base, since the localhost is our local machine? Or am I not fully understanding how registering components and the localhost url works?

To clarify, I’m referring to app hosting when I say localhost url:

Hi, the application host is required in order to access and run your code components, since we don’t upload a copy of your source code or anything like that. The plasmic editor is basically running within your actual application.

Typically though you are sharing your production URL with your content team, and not your local host, which you only need for development

Please see this section!

Okay, yeah, that makes sense. Thanks Yang!