Questions about creating webpages with Plasmic

Hi! Can I use this channel to make simple questions about creating webpages Plasmic?

Welcome @playful_muskox! Sure, feel free to use the channel for any questions about Plasmic

Thank you, Tiago! My question is about a website I made in Plasmic. It works great, but I want to go beyond and create a light theme for it. The thing is, I’m not a web-developer, I’m a designer, and I’m not sure what’s the best approach to do that in Plasmic. Is there any use case similar to this?

Have you tried using global variants? They are often used for themes. You can have a “theme” global variant and style elements based on it.

Nice! I was trying that, but was not sure about this approach. Seems like I’m in the right path.

I guess going with Global variants, and setting things up, will enable visitors of my page to switching themes?

Yes, you’re correct! By utilizing global variants, you can enable visitors to switch between different themes on your page. However, I must mention that currently, achieving this functionality requires writing some (simple) code. You can style everything on studio without using code, but the ability to switch global variants directly through studio interactions is not supported at the moment. That’s definitely something we are actively working on supporting in the future.

Awesome! Thanks for the support