Questions on Plasmic CMS Data Fetcher

Hello! I’m using the Plasmic CMS w/ the CMS Data Fetcher component… and I have some questions
• Is there any way to order the response by updatedAt? I tried passing it to the Order By input but It doesn’t seem to be ordered.
• Can we filter which fields we need on the response? I.e I don’t need all the data from the model for a specific call
• In the model schema is there a way to limit possibles values for a field? (like opc 1. 2 & 3 only)

Hello @nice_termite.

  1. Is updatedAt a date-time field? It should be possible by specifying it in the Order By prop!
  2. You can filter by some field using both Filter field and Filter value, e.g: if you have a visible boolean field in the model you can choose it in Filter field and use either true or false in Filter value
  3. There is currently no way of specifying “enums” in the field schema, sorry
  1. It’s not defined by us in the model, I think it’s being automatically populated when we save each entry, it’s outside the data obj
  2. In our model we have something like { slug: "", title: "", content: "" } , but we would like in some scenarios to omit the content in the response, is that possible?

Hi @nice_termite

1-2 are not possible yet but that’s good feedback for the product team

Besides enums you can also look into using the ref type