React does not recognize the ... prop on a DOM element

getting these “React does not recognise the _ prop on a DOM element … spell it lowercase…” warnings all over the place lately. Thought maybe you know more about this.

this can happen when you spread props onto a Plasmic* component; they’ll all end up on the root DOM element

any idea on how I can make sure that my console is not flooded with these warnings?

in your wrapper component, be sure to pick out the props only the wrapper component needs, and don’t spread everything into Plasmic*

Not sure what you mean by wrapper component.

I use “composition” like this all the time:
<PlasmicSectionSettings sortingModeDropdown={{ value: sortingMode, setSectionFieldsToUpdate, sortingModeOptions }} />
and it’s not causing those errors.

But I’ve been able to remove those warnings, because most of them came from my AudioItem component, where (unlike everywhere else in my app) I haven’t been deconstructuring the props at the top but instead called them via props.someProp.
Deconstructing those props solve those warnings.