React hook form and Plasmic

I’m back with another example for React Hook Form and Plasmic providing seemlessly easy way to design complex components and interactions. Following are some new features I tried out, that I wasn’t aware of before.

  1. Responsive Columns, got to know about it in one of the threads.
  2. Thanks for the latest feature related to Render but Invisible . Helped me retain nested properties in React Hook Form without doing anything :smile:. With the old option i.e Not Rendered it would have required me to add custom rendering logic.
    Gaining Productivity designing components, then I lose all of it by interacting with the component 1000 times to feel how cool is that :joy:

Amazing example of a very dynamic UI! This is really coming together beautifully Asim

Thanks @yang :partying_face:

haha awesome!!

Omg. I wish I would have seen this yesterday. I did this Div by div and totally forgot about the responsive column component :face_palm::skin-tone-5:. Well done and thanks for the video!

Nice, how long did he take to do it ?

I don’t remember exactly but I guess 2 weeks for the slidedrawer and form components.

2 weeks fulltime ?

Nope. Weekly 15 - 20 hrs

Also, Plasmic now provides native form elements such as Select, checkbox etc. Those weren’t available at the moment, so it should take less time re-doing it.

ok thank you for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

how do you make the interactions? is there a way to do that visually on the editor or do you need to know React to create them?

The styling and components design comes from Plasmic but you need to know the React to do the interaction stuff.

The shared demo was done without Code Components, It would be a lot easier to redo the same using Code Components. It will also make the component interactive in the Plasmic Studio.

I see, thanks @zonal_mammal. What interactions can you do in Plasmic without knowing code?