React Web library breaking app.

We have an issue with @plasmicapp/react-web that it breaks our app with version 0.2.207 and newer. Our workaround for now is of course to keep it pinned at 0.2.206, but we are afraid that it will break on a plasmic sync in the future since it is outdated.
Is there anything like a changelog for react-web which could help us debug the issue?

Hi! what is the issue that you are seeing?

Our login form didn’t work anymore, but I didn’t dig long into it.

ah, sorry, we did indeed have a breaking change that was missing a migration. We will be running the migration to ensure consistent behavior.

Specifically, Buttons now are type="button" instead of type="submit" by default. To work around this for now, you can set the “Submits form?” prop to true:


It seems to be a submit button:


But this is a variant on our custom Buttom Component. @glorious_lynx Maybe you know something?

@chungwu But setting “Submits form?” to true again fixes it indeed.

@chungwu Somehow with the last sync it now set submitsForm for all buttons to true.

I guess what we’d like is to be able to set submitsForm to false in the base Button class and in our isSubmit variant set it to true, since that was how we previously defined submit buttons. But this doesn’t seem possible?

As a workaround I guess we can just set the default value to false for submitsForm and then go manually through the isSubmit buttons and set it to true for them.

We’ve done a one-time migration to flip submitsForm to true to preserve the previous behavior… you can just turn it off and it won’t be flipped again