Rebuilding Shopify storefront with Plasmic

Here is a project I was able to build for one of my clients with Plasmic :smile: .
The problem was that we had been using Webflow as a headless shopify storefront with a lot of custom code, which became hard to maintain and to upgrade.

So we rebuilt the whole platform in Plasmic and it’s amazing.

It has the following integrated into it ;
• Shopify (headless through the API)
• Contentful (API For Reviews) (Analytics Tracking)

that’s awesome!!

This site is amazing!

This is truly great! @heady_impala, do you happen to have some takeaway in form of a blog post or similar about the journey of building this in plasmic?

Hey @astute_emu thank you so much for the kind words :smile:

Not just yet, but I’m working on doing a couple of video’s and content about it within the next month or so…

Hey @heady_impala!

Your font integration might not be working. I get default serif fonts on iOS

@harmonic_leopard here is the shopify build

Really great impementation @heady_impala Congrats.

Could you also please give us more details on the reason behind selecting this stack over a custom made theme?

Also do you know if they use Klaviyo in the backend to do their email marketing or another solution?

I’m asking out of curiocity because i just discovered Plasmic and i’m already impressed on how it can integrade with so many platforms and especially Shopify.