Recommended form builder that works with Plasmic

If anyone needs a form builder for their companies marketing team/ sales team. I just started using this one, it was super easy to integrate with plasmic because it only needs a single form id url and has actual react components built already. The only gotcha was with next trying to parse it early and crashing but that was easy to fix. Whole implementation took 20 LOC and it integrates with our sales tool for the rest of the staff. Way easier than trying to do it with hubspot was. Company looks super tiny I wouldn’t put anything mission critical or sensitive in nature on it obviously

was looking for this yesterday thank youuu

I’ve been looking for great form builders for plasmic forever. I came across this company a few weeks ago.

It’s very very very good. The team is very dedicated to forms. I haven’t tried integrating it with Plasmic but they expressed that the use case would be feasible under their react integration