Recommended stack for building a full app with Plasmic?

Hi Plasmic community,

I was looking into many no/low code builder. Plasmic looks really beautifully and intuitively so I watched many many video tutorials and read the documentary. Unfortunately, some questions are left for me and I couldn’t find an intuitive answer.

If I understand correctly, I have the option to either (1) start an app from scratch or (2) to include Plasmic into existing code.
My goal is to design and code a MVP web app and I want to code as little as possible.

If I choose (1) to start from scratch, which language/framework would you recommend? I really want to use Supabase for my purpose. Are there maybe even any easy to use no code editors that work well together with Plasmic? If not which languages is clean, easy to use and integrates perfectly with Plasmic for these purposes?

For better understanding: If I include Plasmic into existing code base, ho does that work? I have heard in many interviews that designers can design pages and developers implement it once. But is Plasmic not only the designing part? How can pages then show up inside an existing web app, because the logic is NOT designed in Plasmic? Where does the code and logic come from for these newly designed pages?


Hey @tart_amphibian, welcome to Plasmic community!

If you choose to start from scratch, I would recommend Next.js and TypeScript/JavaScript. Although you can generate HTML from Plasmic to use in other tools and platforms (e.g. WordPress), Plasmic is designed primarily to generate React code, so it works better with React frameworks.

Plasmic does integrate with Supabase - you can see a guide in

Regarding Plasmic in existing code bases and the integration between designers and developers, I’d recommend this document:

Let me know if you have any other questions! Hope you enjoy using Plasmic!