Redesigning WordPress in Plasmic CMS

I have a Wordpress site to redesign in Plasmic and wondered what the best approach is:

  1. Keep content in WordPress and use WordPress Fetcher (GraphQL)?
  2. Migrate from WP to Contentful and integrate Contentful into Plasmic
  3. Export and import into Plasmic CMS (not sure if possible). I would prefer this as plan to use Content creator mode (Scale plan) at some point.
    Any advice appreciated as I’m new to the CMS side of Plasmic.

Yes you can use WordPress fetcher graphql, which will let you take things one step at a time and just work with your content as it exists already in WordPress without any migrations.

You can also import everything into plasmic cms, but there’s no simple import facility for WordPress content right now, you would need to use the apis to perform the import programmatically.

So when you say “use the apis” what do you mean? Can I somehow use WordPress fetcher graphql and some APIs?

By using the apis to perform the import, I’m referring to the plasmic CMS apis

So, plasmic CMS apis can import from WordPress, or do I export to another format 1st?

The apis are just normal apis that accept data in a specific format, so as long as you are passing data in that matches that documented format, then it will work, regardless of where the data came from or how it was transformed from the source. This isn’t specific to wordpress, contentful, or any other source, you will likely need to process and translate the data in various ways to turn it into something that the API will accept.