"Redirected you too many times" error

On another project I also have a “localhost redirected you too many times” error, yet can get to http://localhost:3000/ and see no console errors.
Project ID: dxhWbeEK2zAdf2DL81kdJQ


Hello @political_magpie. Can you try checking changing your host from http://localhost:3000/ to http://localhost:3000 or vice-versa?

They both work fine in the browser. And create the same error via configure project.

If I go to localhost:3000/plasmic-host/ I see code errors that I could fix.
But still get the same redirect error when enter project.

I can get into the project if I remove localhost:3000/plasmic-host/ from configure project.

Is your dev server a nextjs loader?

Not sure

How do I check

Does it have a next.config.js file?


/** @type {import('next').NextConfig} */
const nextConfig = {
  eslint: {
    ignoreDuringBuilds: true,
  trailingSlash: true,

module.exports = nextConfig;

can you try removing trailingSlash: true and see if it works?

Same issue

Is your localhost/plasmic-host page working?


Is your project public? So I can test it here

Don’t know. How do I check that

Is it on github?

Oh yes

Sorry, by project I meant your code

I’ll push the latest.