Refreshing Queries Using Run Code On Click Interaction

I am working on an app to create a dashboard for our site build logs. I am able to refresh the data on the table once with a button, but I want to refresh the data multiple times until a final build state is reached. Using $Queries.query in my interaction is giving me errors. How can I refresh the query/table data via code?

When you are building the buttons click interaction, you should be able to add a step that refreshes data. Do you see that?

Yes, I am able to refresh the data once with that method, but I want to continue to refresh data every 10 seconds until I have a specific response from the API.

In other tools, I have been able to use setInterval with a call to run the query, but I have not been able to crack how to call for the query in Plasmic outside of the Refresh Data action. It doesn’t look like $steps can be used in tandem with Refresh Data.

Sorry for the delayed response - I had drafted a response, but we actually had since shipped a Timer component to make this much easier. You can find this in the insert menu, and just make it run a Refresh Data step every 10 seconds. Let me know if that helps.