Registered code components working in studio but not on localhost

Hi Team,
I am trying to register GroupItem and subMenu, on studio the subMenus are looking fine but on localhost the subMenu are not appearing. The code for registering the GroupItem and subMenu which I have used is. Any help will be appriciated :

registerComponent(ItemGroup, {
  name: "ItemGroup",
  displayName: "ItemGroup",
  props: {
    children: {
      type: "slot",
      allowedComponents: ["MenuItem"]
    title: "string"
  importPath: "rc-menu",
  isDefaultExport: true

registerComponent(SubMenu, {
  name: "SubMenu",
  displayName: "Menu - SubMenu",
  props: {    
    key: "string",
    popupClassName: "string",
    popupOffset: "string",
    title: "string",
    onTitleClick: "object",
    children: "slot",
  importPath: "antd/lib/menu/SubMenu",
  isDefaultExport: true,

Hmm is ItemGroup a default export of rc-menu?