Registering code component, but overrides are ignored

I’m registering a code component to replace a Plasmic Studio ContactForm component. The code component renders (confirmed with a console.log), but componentProps={{root: { …. } }} overrides are getting ignored. Neither as prop nor element props are working. The code is also pasted from another plasmic project, which is working fine :thinking_face: Why could this be?

Is the root element of SomePage an instance of the ContactForm, and you have the following?

<PlasmicComponent component="SomePage" componentProps={{root: {...}}}/>

You can also try giving the instance an explicit name and then seeing if that works, rather than relying on root

Thanks @yang. In this case we figured out that we had renamed the root element, and that’s why it wasn’t registering. In the future I think it’d be helpful to see warnings about this when attempting to override an element that can’t be found