Relationship between Publish button and Vercel hosted code

It seems odd to use the Publish feature when trying to update Plasmic Studio with my Versel hosted code. In fact I now have an error. To proceed, am I forced to configure my project to localhost:3000.

Am I suppose to use There is a Plasmic CLI but it’s only about “code generation of Plasmic components”

And is there a quicker way to switch between Localhost and Versel?


not sure what you mean, but you shouldn’t need to publish if you’re just trying to register some new code components

Well, when my project was configured to local host. I could edit my code and see the change instantly in Plasmic.

This was great, but no develop could access my project, so was asked by @icaro to deploy to Vercel, and I assumed configure the project to point to Versal.

Now that my project points to Versel, do I still use localhost, if so how? Or does each Studio user have independent project configuration, so can choose to point to Versal or Localhost without effecting other user setting?

If all users are effected by my Project configuration and I have to point to Vercel. Then How do I edit code and see my change instantly in Plasmic, like I did with localhost?

My bad. I see my edit appear in Plasmic via Versel it just takes a minute or 2. Versel must be watching for changes on github.

Still, this is an issue as I want to work locally, before pushing to github.

Am I missing something?