Remove deprecated Plasmic provider

any advice on staying on top of changes like this….

  • @deprecated Plasmic now uses a custom hook for Screen variants, which is
  • automatically included in your components. Please remove this provider
  • from your code.

curious how this affects other global variants?

Hi! This only applies to screen variants; other global variants work as usual

thanks. still struggling to understand where we went wrong… it sounds like loader may be loading components from plasmic API? this is kind of a shock since we don’t consider published components “in production”

Makes me very very concerned about what we are really running in prod

hmm the deprecation of screen global context has been in place for years, so your issue is likely unrelated…

Are you referring to the issue with the video you posted (query params disappearing)?

that is the issue that effects us most immediately

change in window size should never affect params

yes… Plasmic-generated components shouldn’t be doing any routing so that is strange :thinking_face:

Have no clue why it’s actually happening of if it’s related to seemingly bogus warning.

can you remind me what your setup is? loader/codegen, etc?

code gen

that is what I thought… so nothing should be loading any components over the network


are you using a framework like nextjs? or are you doing your own routing?

nextjs 12.3.4

are there components on this page doing stuff with f_tags?

one possibility is that that component is only rendered in the desktop variant…

Yes… checkboxes will be selected according to URL params

and query/results will be different

hmm any component that may be updating the url params?