Removing antd5 hostless not working

@chungwu I added one of the data components to a page to look at it, and it pulled in “antd5 hostless”. I don’t want this as a dependency, so I removed the component, but trying to remove the package from imported projects, nothing happens. However if I try to navigate away or reload the page, it says “reload site? changes you made may not be saved”… In the console, I see “Save result is SkipUpToDate” …

What is going on here?
How can I get rid of antd5 hostless?

Project: k5wi36LTCNmnJb5rh2sgis

Also, it would be great if when adding components, new required packages could be visualized so it is not a surprise… either visualized in the component selector or as a popup question when trying to add a component… I.e. “This will add package XYZ… Is this ok?”

Thanks for the feedback! That’s indeed not clear at all.

The reason why antd5 was installed and can’t be removed is because the some rich components like App Layout, Table, etc use it. You can remove all of them by removing “plasmic-rich-components” first, and then removing antd5

Thank you. This worked… Might be good with a message when someone tries to remove antd first, instead of just failing to respond…