Render component differently in production vs Plasmic studio

Hi all! Qq… We need to render a component in a different way when in production than when in plasmic, we have achieved that using the PlasmicCanvasContext (inEditor) but we also need to do it when previewing the artboard in the studio (when you click the ‘play’ button) and i can’t seem to find good to do that

Hey @productive_duck! This is working as expected. The PlasmicCanvasContext is only defined for the artboards.

To clarify your needs, are you looking to differentiate between the three environments: plasmic artboards, plasmic live preview, and production

Right, I need to differentiate artboard , live preview and production. Right now with the context i get the artboard scenario, but can’t tell apart when on live preview vs prod

you’ll have to look at the window.location.hash in that case and check for live=true for live preview