Render plain anchor tag instead of Next.js link

Hello everyone!
I’m using plasmic with nextjs, but was wondering if there is any way to render a link that does not use nextjs link but rather a plain anchor tag, cause for few places we need to disable the navigation nextjs provides

Hi @productive_duck, not out of the box, but if you have code components set up, you can create a component like:

const PlainLink = (props) => <a {...props}?>

PLASMIC.registerComponent(PlainLink, {
  name: 'PlainLink',
  props: { children: 'slot', href: 'string' }

Let me know if that helps!

Hey! thanks for the help… but that implies that if I have multiples links already in plasmic I would need to change each one of them to use a code componente right? If i’d have lets say 100 links already created and I’d want to change ALL, then there is no generic way to do it correct?