Replace Existing Wordpress with Plasmic

Good day there,

As topic, I hope to get rid of my Wordpress and I am doing a Proof of Concept to see if it is possible with Plasmic. Based on my research so far, I am seeing Plasmic actually does provide a CMS Data as Database and also CMS Data Loader inside the Plasmic Studio.

Here are my questions (Please correct me if I am wrong or better suggest me if there are any better solution)

  1. I have created a Workspace CMS, and have entered some contents, based on the data type, I am wondering is there a data type as List of String, so that I may enter several keywords as tag, and also data type as Reference / Foreign Key to another Table, so that for example I may create a Category table and refer this post to a particular Category

  2. I really hope for a clean wysiwyg editor for the content of the post, the closest data type what I am using is Rich-Text, but it is not supported with Image Upload or any other basic feature, just wondering do your guys have any plan to improve this wysiwyg editor.

  3. Upon the entry creation, for instance, I have created 2 posts with 2 slugs, /first-post & /second-post, how would you recommend me to create a Page Template and display those Title & Contents like Wordpress ?

would you recommend me to create a Project, then inside the Project, name the Page Name same as the Slug I have created, then use the CMS Data Loader to load CMS Data accordingly

or would it be easier to create those pages slug with codegen (not too sure about codegen) or any other alternative please ?

Great questions leon!

  1. More deeply nested types like arrays of strings that do not exist yet but are on the road map.

  2. The rich text fields should allow you to paste images in there, does that work for you?

  3. Here’s a video that demonstrates how to create dynamic routes with SEO metadata: Dynamic pages and routes in Plasmic - YouTube

The SEO metadata part of dynamic routes is something we are still working on improving. The use of a head component is not ideal from an ease of use perspective, but we are working on a solution. But it should get you out of the bind for now. In practice there tends to be just a few fixed number of dynamic routes to configure in this way.

Please let me know if that helps!

hi Yang,
Thank you for your prompt reply.

  1. ya, good to know array of strings is on roadmap. any idea on Reference (FK to another table) ?

  2. Yes, we managed to paste the image in, unfortunately we were not able to edit the image size and do other customization.

  3. Good to know ! Please let me try them out and I will get back to you.

Thank you