Replacing bubble with Plasmic.

Maybe I’m wrong but, isn’t plasmic a convenient bubble replacement? where can I find how to make a simple GPT wrapper?

Hi Felipe, you could use Plasmic to replace Bubble, making a simple GPT wrapper only can be done by using the http data source and sending the requests to openai

This two videos can be interesting to understand the basics of it

Thanks for your response, so would be better to build the logic in a tool like buildship and integrate it with plasmic?

It depends on your use case, if you need more backend logic it would make sense to use some backend tool, but for a simple GPT wrapper to query openai API it shouldn’t be required

the goal of the web app is to provide personalized marketing plans, so it has a couple of steps, first your product and type of product then it presents options for the ideal client profile and you can choose or enter your input, then provides the plan with the option to download in PDF, then value proposition hich you can also choose, so is not exactly a chatbot

(pdf is the last step)

I believe you could achieve everything directly through the studio, the PDF part may be a bit trickier, as it could need some external service. But since you can integrate Plasmic with Supabase and OpenAI, it should be achievable the first parts that you described.