Request for a dedicated Radix UI import tutorial video

Hi, I still couldnt manage to import Radix UI correctly :confused:, perhaps maybe you guys could still create a youtube video dedicated to actually importing RadixUI from scratch? Importing components and primitives?

It would be easier for me if I had a video for how to add RadixUI to Plasmic to guide me.

Hi, if you are able to list the issues that you are facing, with some snippets of code or screenshots, we can look into helping you

@glittering_vole i found this video helpful when I tried once; but I didn’t make it all the way though the activity

I actually sent this video in a previous question too :neutral_face:

ya, I remember when I was going through it the first time getting stuck at some point through and feeling like it was because the platform had made a change and I 1) wasn’t as active in slack to feel comfortable asking questions 2) was mostly just experimenting 3) didn’t know enough to describe the problem

I would love to make a suggestion; that if Plasmic chooses to make a video on how users can do this themselves; that they do so using the ShadUI would be a fun library to see done

for bonus points, the would be extra helpful

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@glittering_vole Could you share more details around your use case or the components from Radix UI that you are looking to register as code components? any more details around the issues that you faced.

I will see if I can manage to create another video as per my availability at the moment for the next week or so.

Hey Asim! Im really looking into importing RadixUI so I can use it in the drag and drop editor and edit its properties like a normal Plasmic component. Im interested in the Alert box and buttons but I think if its not bothering maybe give a general guide to how to register other RadixUI components then on.

Really, I am looking for a video that can guide me from 0 like a complete fresh Plasmic project to 100 having RadixUI and its CSS imported and ready to use in the drag and drop editor. I think that would be super!

Thank you truly for replying Asim.

oh! if I you are taking requests, it’d be great to see
and if the video combines how to register the code components and them as a package; all the bonus points if it also uses the supabase auth with only those components

@glittering_vole Sounds good. I will try to come up with a video. I can’t commit for this week atleast but I will give it a try for next week.

Meanwhile, can you ellaborate if you tried the video shared in this thread and what did you find most difficult, misaligned or not working in your current workflow?

@alyssa_feola I will check those out as well. I did have a separate video on React Hook Form in general but I guess that’s deprecated. The core design philosophy on integrating those npm libraries with Plasmic stays the same but given extra options and methods in registerComponent API there can be easier ways to achieve the same functionality now.

ya, one of my biggest difficulties is registering the components for codegen and not loader since that seems to be an area where things differ greatly

Yeah my videos are specifically for codegen mode and not loader.

ya, probably why I’ve spent hours on them already :slightly_smiling_face: