"Request for Dynamic Value Functionality in Plasmic Design Settings"

Hi everyone, I recently started using Plasmic and it was an interesting experience to develop web apps with so many functionalities so easily and quickly on the go but while using it I really liked the concept of dynamic values. I wanted to understand if this dynamic value (on code expression level) can be possible for design settings also. this would make creating variants really interesting and more open to different types of requirements. [If such functionality already exist within please do let me know how I can use it inside Plasmic without importing the code]

Hi, there is a way to bind variants with dynamic values, by coincidence you can see a bit of my reply to the previous message in this channel https://plasmiccommunity.slack.com/archives/C01NR9R0MS7/p1705061060185319?thread_ts=1705046761.462809&cid=C01NR9R0MS7 , another suggestion that we make for users, it’s that they can create the variants and bind which variant is going to be used in the UI that is using the component, so it’s pretty malleable what you can do.

To @clear_puffin’s point, I have found myself also wanting everything to be able to be dynamic. I haven’t read your response in depth @fmota but I didn’t pick up how you would go about making an option under the Effects for instance in the dynamic way you described. My natural instinct when using Effects was to be able to set the Values for Filter Effect as a Dynamic Value, but that didn’t seem possible

Yes, my suggestion is not able to provide fully dynamic styles based only in variant activation, it’s only possible to have a constrained set of rules encoded into variants with dynamic values. Overall dynamic values in styles can be quite weird if you don’t know what you are doing. You can check this thread
https://plasmiccommunity.slack.com/archives/C025BC1JJAX/p1704489074664919 for reference on how to achieve it currently, but I would say again this can lead to pretty weird scenarios and make your project unresponsive to some controls.

@fmota thanks for the suggestions, I will explore around those. There was one more point I wanted to check:
I was working on some Plasmic project today and noticed something. When I have a component which have more than 5~10 configurable states, the Plasmic platform auto-generate callback function props for each state but for me, in reality, not all of these state have change of value whatsoever. Is there any way to turn this off or remove those callbacks? I checked online but I don’t think anyone have posted anything as such in the community so far.

oh I had allowed external access to the state var, which is why it was creating state change callback, please ignore the above then.