Restoring deleted components without losing work.

We have components named startAuction and photoButton that are gone.

I was forced to restore an old version due to some weird Plasmic error.

The issue, is that I’ve done quite a bit of work since then. How can I copy an entire component, or just restore that component, without reverting to the old version, losing all of the work I’ve done since?


I solved this.

For anyone interested, here are the steps I took to “restore” single components from a previous version in the version history, without restoring the entire version:

  1. Published Source Project to save all changes
  2. Reverted Source Project to Version with Components that needed to be restored
  3. Created Blank Destination Project
  4. Imported Source Project into Destination Project
  5. Duplicated desired Components
  6. Removed Source Project Import from Destination Project
  7. Published Destination Project Changes
  8. Reverted Source Project to Version with latest changes
  9. Published Source Project
  10. Imported Destination Project to Source Project
  11. Duplicated desired components from Destination Project to Source Project
  12. Removed Destination Project Import from Source Project
  13. Published Source Project
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Ever thought about this workaround but I didn’t have enough courage to try them out. Thank you for confirming it actually works!