Reveal animations not working properly.

Hi, could someone please help me with an issue I’m facing? I have added reveal animations to my website’s sections and included links to these sections.
The animations work correctly in preview mode, but when I access the final website, the animations don’t trigger properly. Instead, the sections appear blank when I click on the corresponding links. Here are the relevant links:
• Studio Preview:
• Deployed Website:
The specific problem occurs when I click on “Features” at the top of the page. On the first click, the section appears blank in my browser. However, the reveal animation works if I reload the page or scroll back and forth. Please note that not all animations are triggered correctly on my end when I scroll back and forth.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide

Hi, I think I see that you got the animations working on your production site :raised_hands:

actually they dont work :disappointed: When you visit the website and click on features it does not show up. It sometimes works after reloading . But I dont know why it does not reliably display it when linking to the section.