Reverting changes in Plasmic Studio

I’m still getting used to codegen mode and had a question. If i make some changes in Plasmic Studio and then subsequently revert them in github, is there some way to get Plasmic Studio to “sync” back to the reverted changes?

in theory version control should be one of the biggest benefits of codegen mode, so it’s a bummer if codegen only goes in one direction and i can’t revert Studio to an earlier version of what’s in my codebase

Sync is only one way. However, you can configure codegen to only sync latest published version instead of “latest”, and you’ll be able to revert your Plasmic project to the corresponding version when you revert your code. To do so, in Plasmic.json, set the project version from latest to >0.0.0

Hm. Seems like if I do that I’m giving up the ability for plasmic changes to reflect immediately on localhost. Probably better for my workflow to just publish more frequently now that I know there’s no other revision history

Would be cool if plasmic studio could automatically keep its internal representation of my project in a xml file in my repo. That would better match my mental model of how version control should work for something that’s in my GitHub repo.

As it is, feels like Plasmic Studio codegen mode falls into the uncanny valley between IDE and cloud editing tool