Reverting to old version, need latest

Hi i think i reverted to a very old version and now i want to get on to the latest version which was on top of reverted version is that possible ?

could you link me and give me more details?

Yeah so from here i reverted to one of the version. I s there a way to get the latest version after reverted?

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 08.23.48.png

i don’t want to publish i want to revert this changes. When i do review all changes it shows very old changes.

i want to undo these changes

ok just to confirm, I’m going to revert this project to a revision from 2023-08-15 08:33:36.598+00 UTC, which is the last revision I see before a lot of things got removed. Does that sound right?

Thanks Chung! That would be great.

can you check and see?

Yes, changes are back. Thanks!

Hi Chung, i have requested for branches feature too.